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Terms of Service Agreement

Thank You, For being part of Digital News. For using digital news you must agree these terms and conditions else you will not be able to use Digital News.So, Please Read this agreement carefully.


You, your or yours refers to ‘Member‘, ‘Visitor‘ or ‘Third Party‘.

We, our  or us refers to ‘Digital News‘ or ‘Website‘.

Digital News is Owned by Digital News Inc. (Child of Infinity Inc.).

Basic Info:

We provides news, reviews and updates to viewers about latest smartphones, accessories, laptops and entertainment world gossip. Most of its content is either written by digital news team or by authors of digital news. Images and Videos are mostly taken either from web or from open source content resources.



  1. You must be at least 13 years old to Sign Up for account and view this site.
  2. You Must complete registration process for writing articles.
  3. Agree to the Terms
  4. Provide correct information (like: Email, or original content for authors only guidelines below).

By Using Digital News You are agree to our Terms of Service. If, We Found You violating any of above conditions.We may terminate your account.

After You Click signup Button means you officially signed these terms and conditions.


You are responsible for keeping your account login credentials safe. Only you are responsible for who is accessing your account. We are not responsible for any type of stolen password or hacked passwords. You can reset your password, if You Forgot it. But your account will be locked automatically after ‘4‘ wrong password attempts for security reasons but will be unlocked by contacting digital news team using Contact Us Form. If you feel, your account has unauthorized access notify us via Contact Us Form and reset your password to strong one.

Account Deletion:

You can delete your account at any time or unsubscribe to our newsletters. We may suspend your account at any time with or without any cause. We regularly monitor user  account to optimize site speed and database.We terminate those accounts who are inactive greater than 730 days (2 Years) and data associated with that.

Rights and Policies

Copyright Policy:

We have copyright policy here. You must comply with our copyright policy.

Privacy Policy:

We have our privacy policy to keep your information secure and safe. Read Privacy Policy Here

Rights Owned by Us:

Our logo and graphics related to digital news logo are own property. Currently, no one is allowed to reuse them.

Rules and Abuse

Guidelines For Authors:

  1. You have your own content don’t copy and paste because we review content and then publish it.
  2. You Must follow Content Writing Style Guidelines.
  3. Don’t Submit incorrect or not useful, information or content.

Content Writing Style Guidelines:

  1. Content must be formatted.
  2. Page Title must be in  Heading 1 tag ‘h1’.
  3. Major Keyword like ‘Google Nexus 7‘ should be Occurred maximum 10 times in article.
  4. One Image at least with title tag as major keyword.
  5. Title Must be between 50 to 70 Characters.
  6. Article length is minimum 500 Words.

Reporting Abuse:

If content on our site belongs to you and it’s being misused, then you can report abuse by visiting Copyright Policy Page here.

Bandwidth Abuse:

You Can only use our bandwidth for visiting our site, writing articles and uploading small images for articles. You cannot use our site for hosting images and videos for other sites.


We are not responsible for behavior of advertisers,linked website and Other Members.


We have Right to make changes in our terms of service. When we make changes to our terms of service, we will inform our members by their e-mail notifications and our visitors by giving links to our terms of service page. Our members or Visitors can object on changes made to privacy policy within 30 days of changes.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding our Terms of Service you may contact us using the information below:

Terms of Service Contact Information

Use our contact form to Contact Us or directly mail to admin@digitalnews.co

This is End of Agreement.Thank You For Reading Our Terms of Service.

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